Technology alignment Manager

When you become a Solsoft client, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Technology Alignment Manager (TAM). Motivated by nothing except your success, your TAM will delve deep into your organisational goals and culture to get a fuller understanding of your technology needs.

As Solsoft TAMs are not commission-based, they’re not driven by financial gain – which means that the guidance they give you won’t be compromised by vested interests. Instead, you’ll get objective, well-informed IT advice from a genuine expert, based on a thorough understanding of your goals.

Your Solsoft TAM will serve as your primary point of contact with us, and they’ll provide you with:

  • A tailored Client Technology Journey
  • Trustworthy advice with a no-sales approach
  • Regular catch-up sessions to align strategies
  • Cost-saving sessions to deliver the best value for your business
  • Easy availability for on-site visits and support

Want to know more about how Solsoft can help your organisation reach its full potential? Get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation.



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