Solsoft provides IT services and support to organisations across a wide range of sectors. Whatever industry we’re in, we’ll delve deep into your workings and goals so that we understand your unique needs thoroughly and can support you in whatever scenarios might crop up.

Here are just some of the sectors for which Solsoft offers IT services, and the key pain points of each industry.

Professional services

Includes finance, legal services and architecture. Clients in these sectors prioritise data security and attentive IT support so that they’re able to be always-on, and they recognise that Solsoft’s unique approach to IT services means we are able to ensure these.

Construction and engineering

Clients in the construction and engineering industries need robust IT systems for purposes including accounting, subcontracting and project management.


Priorities for clients in the logistics sector include preventing downtime and always and ensuring that apps are always available.


Clients in the energy industry need an IT strategy that can help them gain a superior competitive edge in what is a highly competitive market. Solsoft works closely with its clients to translate strategic vision into operational reality.


Given the unique needs of the healthcare sector, IT priorities for clients in this field include ensuring robust data security, reliable integrations and avoiding downtime, so that IT services dependably support the provision of care to patients.

Not for profit

Clients in the not-for-profit space prioritise security, visibility and minimising downtime. Solsoft has years of experience with working alongside clients in the not-for-profit sector and thoroughly understands the needs of NFP organisations.

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What Our Customers Think

“Solsoft give us the assurance that our people can concentrate on their day jobs because they’ve done all the proactive work in the background to head off problems before they arise.”

Berry Redmond Gordon & Penney

“We chose Solsoft because they are a trusted advisor and occupy a seat on our board as our vCIO, offering best practice advice, a technology roadmap and the assurance that we are leveraging our IT assets to maximise the potential available.”

Concrete Fabrications

“As our partner, Solsoft has continually helped us achieve most of what we set out to do as an organisation and their preventative model of delivery compliments us well, especially where finances and resources are not infinite and we need to ensure that we extrapolate the most out of every penny.”

The Mary Stevens Hospice

“With the help of Solsoft and our dedicated client technology advisor, we have been able to push our business further and be on top of all things IT. Liam is a pleasure to work with and nothing is ever too much trouble.”