GP Care

GP Care is an award-winning Company providing specialist medical services in the South-West of England. 

Formed over 11 years ago, they were originally founded by, and are still owned by, over 200 local GPs. They treat over 20,000 patients a year, and receive world class patient feedback. Their mission is to deliver high quality healthcare services to both NHS and self-funding Patients whilst supporting the government strategy of bringing many diagnostic and outpatient services out of complex, acute hospital environments and providing them in community settings that are more accessible to Patients. 

Carole Bayliss, Director of Patient Services at GP Care says “Solsoft are an organisation which apart from its technical expertise also culturally meets our needs.  Their staff at all levels have a can-do attitude and when issues arise everyone will roll up their sleeves and get it fixed for you” 

Prior to outsourcing the IT services the organisation’s home-grown IT resources were limited resulting in the potential for single point of failure scenarios. So, technical issues caused major disruption for the business and, at the time, the GP Care team believed this was “how it is” when it came to IT problems, in essence living with the issues.  

Following a change in personnel, the GP Care team began looking for a better solution that would fit their business model and help them overcome technical problems.  Its primary objective was to create resilience in the Organisation as a whole, as well as remove some of the wasted productive time when things failed. After looking online, they pulled together a shortlist of 3 to 5 IT companies with Solsoft being amongst them. 

GP Care needed day to day IT support as well as local service engineers on the ground to help in times of technical emergencies. We met with GP Care and explained our methodology and how we could strategically take them to the next level, working with them to raise the level of their systems to best practice standards by analysing the risks that were present and developing solutions to effectively mitigate those risks.  

The Chief Technology Officer assured GP Care that Solsoft would be able to deliver, he said “we always set out to offer strategic direction in the complete process, by providing GP Care with the assistance to achieve the NHS Data and Security compliance alignment and by helping them successfully develop the right infrastructure security, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for their organisation”. 

The results are now clear. GP Care’s IT environment has indeed resulted in being elevated with increased productivity for its people, reduced costs and increases in revenue as a direct result from working with Solsoft. Systems are more highly available; people spend less time hampered from working because of IT issues and this has flowed through to create a less frustrated working environment where reliability issues do not impact upon day to day working.  

All users are able to work from anywhere at any time and systems have been designed to ensure business continuity in the event of any physical, environmental or indeed, biological occurrence. 

To date, the number of IT tickets logged by GP Care users has reduced by 35% overall.