Technology Alignment Managers: How Your IT Can Support Business Objectives

If you’re running a business, then you’ll know that your IT infrastructure is essential to supporting your business. This is why it’s so important to ensure that you get the most out of your IT budget, and that you have the technology you need to support your business as it grows.

While corporations and other large organisations tend to have lots of money to throw at their IT systems, SMEs and not-for-profits have to take a more measured approach. Smart IT investments can help to redress the balance between smaller firms and their larger rivals – but poor investments can set them back significantly.

Each Solsoft client is assigned a Technology Assignment Manager, or TAM, when they join us. Solsoft TAMs delve deep to understand your organisational goals and work out what IT infrastructure you need to support them. Here’s more on what TAMs are and how they can boost your business.

What are technology alignment managers and what do they do?

Technology Alignment Managers, or TAMs, work to ensure that a business’s IT systems are aligned with its overall objectives and strategic goals. They work closely with business leaders to understand those goals and then assess how technology can enable the organisation to attain them.

TAMs also identify potential technology investments that can contribute to the business’s success and help it meet its objectives. They will oversee the implementation of technology projects, ensuring that they remain on track and within the allotted budget.

In addition, TAMs will assess the risks associated with IT projects – such as potential security threats, compliance issues and operational challenges – and will develop strategies to mitigate them. They will also monitor the performance of IT solutions after implementation so that they deliver the anticipated benefits for the business in question.

How do TAMs help businesses meet their objectives?

TAMs help businesses meet their goals and objectives in a number of ways. In particular, they use technology to enhance productivity and efficiency, encourage innovation and keep customers satisfied. Here are just some of the ways in which TAMs support businesses in their efforts to make their objectives a reality.

Scalability and reliability

Perhaps most importantly of all, TAMs will work to ensure that their clients’ technology infrastructure – including cloud services, hardware, software and networks – is sufficiently reliable and scalable to support their objectives over time.


Cybersecurity is, of course, a crucial consideration for any business, as potential security threats continue to proliferate and grow in sophistication. TAMs will oversee the implementation of security measures, such as antivirus software, encryption and firewalls, that are sufficiently robust to counter the kinds of threats businesses are likely to face. They will also look at employee training in this area.


TAMs will develop and implement continuity strategies to ensure that clients can continue to operate in the event of an attack or other disruption to their systems. This will include backup and recovery plans, regular testing and the phase-out of redundant technologies.


Technology Alignment Managers also work to ensure that their clients’ IT practices comply with the relevant laws and regulations. This will include, for example, compliance with data protection legislation such as GDPR as well as other applicable legislation and industry standards.


TAMs oversee the integration of tools to help colleagues within an organisation collaborate more effectively with one another, as well as with their clients and external partners. In this age of hybrid and remote working, this is a vital consideration, as co-workers must have access to tools such as video conferencing, project management software and other tools to collaborate remotely.

Honest, objective advice

Solsoft TAMs don’t take commission – which means they can provide you with genuinely objective advice based on your strategic goals and needs with a no-sales approach. They’ll draw up a tailored Client Technology Journey document, hold regular catch-up sessions to align strategies and will also make themselves available for on-site visits and support.

Technology Alignment Managers play an important role in empowering businesses and other organisations to meet their goals and grow with confidence. They help firms get more out of their IT budget, leveraging technology resources effectively to drive innovation and success. At Solsoft, we make it our mission to provide SMEs and not-for-profit organisations with access to strategic IT expertise at a fraction of the cost of other options. Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do to help you.