Telephony is the New Hybrid

In under a decade, we have gone from talking about hybrid IT and hybrid cloud to a new evolution in telephony.

Without compromising upon the experience for all users we believe the best telephony solution is inside of Microsoft Teams, including for those who require a physical phone and advanced call-centre features.

The solution can be deployed in many different ways, as detailed below.

  • Direct Routing relies on the service level of your telephony partner as well as the service level from Microsoft. These are separate components and occasionally they don’t always mesh together seamlessly.
  • An integrated phone system, while more expensive, is ideal for organisations that require a fully redundant system should Microsoft cloud become unavailable. For those who rely on their phone system more than their IT, this is the best option.
  • The Microsoft ‘all-in’ solution just works and is now available under a 99.99% SLA. Also, non-profit organisations benefit from Microsoft Teams Phones with special pricing.

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