More and more companies are realising that they lack a strategic technology approach.

The options seem limited to hiring an expert, contractor, or consultant who can help – but at what cost?

Those options have one thing in common, they are mostly beyond what is affordable in your sector. Solsoft’s solution offers a virtual CIO at a fraction of the cost of alternative options under our expert CTO Dan Bradley. This is perfect for non-profit organisations and small businesses that need to leverage their technology investments. Solsoft is all about people, we have invested in people with the skills and experience to act as your virtual CIO. Navigating you through the emerging complexities of technology itself but also compliance, risk & cyber security.

Strategy is critical for any business but delivering on that strategy is what sets successful businesses apart. At Solsoft, we don’t just create strategies – we collaborate with our clients to bring those strategies to life. We do this by pairing them with a Client Technology Advisor. This Advisor is not only technically savvy but also has strong interpersonal skills. They work closely with our clients to ensure that their strategic vision becomes operational reality.

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