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Solsoft Charter

For Our Customers and Partners

Often we can make assumptions that some of the basic things are taken for granted.

It is important to us not to lose sight of some of the fundamental principles that underpin our ethos and to make sure that we are true to the essence of our aims and objectives.

These are our goals.

In all of our business dealings we aim to do the absolute best that we can to provide the highest quality service to our customers. We want all of our customers to be more than happy with anything and everything that we provide to them. We also want our partners to be in a relationship with us that is fulfilling, collaborative and worthwhile and one where we both can add value, derive benefit and be successful together.

Our people are expected to always take ownership and be accountable. We want to be sure that the job gets done properly and that the customer is happy, or better, with the outcome.

The be clear, honesty & integrity in what and how we deliver are paramount, we always try to show our best side, representing the company in the best light and not to be afraid to give bad news as well as good news. It’s only when the bad news is known that something can be done about it.

We will be diligent and we won’t reserve creativity and we will always look for opportunities to open up ideas for discussion. We won’t hold back on making improvements, in fact we will always look for opportunities to be creative either when solving problems or providing routine services.

Our success comes through effective teamwork and collaboration; this, together with clients and partners is part of our DNA, we always look for a partner rather than a customer.

We will always encourage an environment to collaborate, where judgement is reserved and where we can be proactive, positive and forward thinking. We always look to suggest how things can be done and not to offer reasons why they can’t.

We focus on achievement, making progress and improving our service to customers either directly or indirectly. We will continuously improve our own working environment which will lead to a better service for our partners and customers. Keeping a positive mindset is really important and working together we can achieve much more than working individually.

We aim to always consider the desired outcome or results from our activities and to think how we can be successful together and how we can add value to our partners and customers.

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