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For many years now, Solsoft has helped its customers in the Social Care and Housing sectors to realise the potential of utilising their own technology to successfully achieve their goals. Our success in continually sustaining this allows us to deliver real tangible value and cost savings in a way that benefits the users of technology solutions, and the organisation as a whole.

Our ongoing existing relationships with partners providing housing or social care services ensures that we can offer a joined up IT strategy with engaged and empowered staff.

Recently the clear focus is upon providing effective mobile working solutions and improving collaboration capabilities that allows teams to work well with colleagues and with partners. We subscribe to making sure that technology enhances the delivery of services without hindrance as we know that IT is absolutely vital to businesses.

Working with many Social Care organisations & Housing Associations we understand the challenges that they are presented with that impact their operational activity where technology helps or hinders progress. Our job is always to help deal with those pain points, leveraging IT systems, applications or equipment to resolve simple or complex issues that our partners face.

In our experience some of the key challenges can be:

  • Keeping tenants up to date, having effective communication channels, constantly improving the level of service to them
  • Making the best use of systems and processes that digitally transform the way that assets are managed and tenants are serviced
  • Accessing and distributing business data about resources or tenants for a remotely located team of people
  • Helping tenants to help themselves by providing online tools to log requests and manage their accounts
  • Making sure that legislative demands are adhered to and that data is protected

In a broader sense our proactive approach includes a “Cloud First” philosophy and a strong ethos to ensure that best practices in technology utilisation are embraced, based on proven and not necessarily leading edge solutions taking a risk adverse trajectory.

We would really like to engage with you to look at how we can help, not just in this difficult period but when we return to normal, whatever that “normal” may look like.

Please take a look at us, we would love to help.


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