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Corona Virus COVID-19

Returning to Normal?

How do we reset the game? Should we reset the game

Your team is working really well remotely, we are all stepping through developing and maintaining this new cultural phenomenon and we are keeping a close eye on how the government guidelines are changing.

So, how do we unwind this mess?  What if EVERYONE went back to work tomorrow, would you be ready?  Do you have a plan?

There are three key questions that we’ve been posing with our customers:

  1. What changes did you make when you transitioned to a remote workforce that you would like to keep?
  2. What changes did you make that you want to unwind when you go back to the office?
  3. If a second wave means that we need to return to remote operations, what mistakes do we want to avoid making again?

We are also having a lot of discussions about HOW people will return to the office, what will the working environment look like? It’s not going to be like flipping a switch, there will be safety considerations, there will be individual preferences and there will be health authority guidance to consider.  

We’ve heard about several different approaches;

  • Some are planning to phase people back week by week based on their department. Warehouse or Manufacturing floor people first, then some office staff, then some sales staff
  • Others plan to divide the company into three houses; House A, House B, and House C.  Then put 1/3 of each department in each House. Then rotate the houses in the office one week at a time so there is never more then 1/3 of the company in the office on any given day.
  • Others are putting their team into categories based on personal factors
    • The first category has nothing stopping them from coming back to the office
    • The second category has school aged children
    • The third category has higher risk people living at home. This could be an elder person or someone with a weakened immune system living in their home, OR someone who has a spouse that is a Health & Care worker.

There are many factors to think about when you start trying to figure out how you are going to unwind this situation we are all in, and lots of different options. One thing you, can be sure of is that your IT is going to be a bigger part of your business plan now more than ever. That’s why your vCIO will continue to reach out to you to make adjustments to your plan so we can help you to achieve a successful reset, whatever that looks like, for you and your team.

Please stay safe & well folks.

Kind regards

Mark Warr

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