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There’s no doubt that our world has changed in our personal lives and our working environment meaning that there are some things we are now doing that we weren’t before and that new ways for doing things are being readily accepted across the world.

Our use of IT technology is one area where this has sharply focused our ability to maintain and retain some level of control over how we provide services, how we communicate and how we carry on with our day to day lives. The rapid change and huge demand that has been forced upon the IT industry has triggered some changes that will never be reversed.

At Solsoft, What we are seeing is customer requirements shift and the importance of more effective and resilient systems come to the fore.

We are working with customers to automate systems, introducing workflows using Office 365’s Power Automate as well as expediting cloud conversion projects that were perhaps not looked at in the same light before Covid.

This article takes a look at some of those and provides an interesting perspective.