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Brexit Strategy

Our policy towards this is shown below following a review of the recommendations of the British Board of Trade and the advice provided by the government, here:

The important areas affecting Solsoft and its ongoing services to customers are: Employees/Workforce
  • We will provide a confirmation reference letter to any EU nationals that travel home after Brexit to state that they are employed by us.
Cross Border Trade Tariffs & Duties
  • Our only cross border trade is via suppliers or distributors. Should any fluctuations occur in the cost of goods or services due to tariff or duty changes then these will be passed on directly to customers for provided goods or services (ie software licences, hardware etc).
Customers Border delays
  • Potentially applicable to hardware from the EU where we will be monitoring delays closely. Action is being taken to expedite the procurement of desktops and laptops to mitigate this risk and that of the Windows 7 end of life in January 2020.
  • Customers are encouraged to order replacements early to avoid disappointment.
Trade – eCommerce, Competition Policy, Intellectual Property, Contracts
  • All of Solsoft’s trade is undertaken in the UK, trade constraints are of limited risk.
Data Protection Compliancehttps://ico.org.uk/media/for-organisations/documents/2614365/leaving-the-eu-6-steps-to-take-final.pdf
  • Recommended steps by the ICO are:
    • Continue to comply with GDPR
    • Review data flow to and from the UK/EEA and the GDPR safeguards that can be put in place
    • Review your structure if you operate across Europe (not applicable to Solsoft)
    • Ensure your internal documentation is is review to update when the Uk leaves the EU.
    • Make sure that key people in the organisation are aware of the key issues
  • The Solsoft board review has considered all of these points.

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