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Concrete Fabrications Ltd

"We chose Solsoft because they are a trusted advisor and occupy a seat on our board as our vCIO, offering best practice advice, a technology roadmap and the assurance that we are leveraging our IT assets to maximise the potential available. They have some strong values that reflect ours and this is vital in all of our partner relationships. They understand us and we understand them – this creates a really helpful and satisfying working environment."

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The Mary Stevens Hospice

As our partner, Solsoft has continually helped us achieve most of what we set out to do as an organisation and their preventative model of delivery complements us well, especially where finances & resources are not infinite and we need to ensure that we extrapolate the most out of every penny. In particular, their help in making sure we can continue to work, helping our people work remotely, during the Coronavirus pandemic has been absolutely invaluable. They are our long-term partner because they listen to us, work with us and, more importantly, as a partner understand our needs; this then enables them to put solutions in place that helps our Hospice provide the best care services to our patients.

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"The way that we use IT and technology across the organisation is quite diverse and, as our people have varying skillsets, it's quite difficult to set a standard, as such. However, Solsoft's methodology helps us contextualise that diversity and makes us focus on the important aspects of our IT requirements. They give us the assurance that our people can concentrate on their day jobs because they've done all the proactive work in the background to head off problems before they arise."

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