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Security Technology Plus

Protection from Hackers, Fraudsters & Cyber Crime

Like me, if you are worried about the losses that can be sustained through an attack using technology against you, whether it’s called a cyber crime or just an attempt at fraud then you may be in the process of trying to mitigate the risk of it happening. There’s certainly a lot of it around; it’s far too frequent an occurrence these days.

This affects us all it seems, whether it’s reputational damage or that the perpetrators actually get away with some money, the damage is immense, time consuming and downright inconvenient if anything.

We think that there are a number of business challenges that this presents:


Trying to prevent the deception of social engineering techniques that result in people divulging damaging information


Making sure that our people are fully equipped, trained and informed to identify and effectively handle an attempt


Ensuring that we help our customers prevent attacks against them through careful management of their interactions with us as an organisation and our handling of their data

For this, we have evolved a complementary Managed Service product which we have called Security Technology Plus (STP+). The tools we provide will significantly reduce your risk of exposure to Technology security threats, meaning that you will be safer from damage and that your people and customers are able to spend less time worrying about breaching security.

A small price for peace of mind, STP+ includes:

  • Cyber Essentials certification to the government led scheme which is designed to be a benchmark of cyber security and to develop awareness for businesses.
  • Protecting your login to your email by having an independent approval mechanism that pops up on your mobile device. This is called Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Scanning the web area called the Darkweb to check that your credentials (username and password) have not been compromised or hacked.
  • A training plan for users that targets them randomly as phishing targets. Should they fall for a scam email then they get directed to an educational video.
  • A systems vulnerability scan that checks your systems for any malicious threat lurking on your servers or desktops and laptops. This looks for Ransomware or other dormant hostile applications that may reside quietly until activated.
  • Solsoft and Axcient CloudFinder backing up your Microsoft Office 365 data 3x a day, restore data quickly in the event of a breach, keep your business up and running

In summary, this added value service protects you against:

Phishing attacks

Malware attacks

Ransomware attacks

Weak passwords being used

Insider threats

You can buy this at either of the following levels:

STP+ GoldSTP+ Platinum
Cyber Essentials BasicCyber Essentials Plus
Multi-factor AuthenticationMulti-factor Authentication
Darkweb Scanning and AlertingDarkweb Scanning and Alerting
Phishing and Scam trainingPhishing and Scam training
System Vulnerability ScanSystem Vulnerability Scan
Cloud Backup of Office 365Cloud Backup of Office 365

Talk to us now if you are interested in locking down in lockdown, all of this can be applied remotely.

Mark Warr

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