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From our beginning, when Solsoft was formed, IT Managed Services providers were few and far between, though across the IT sector there were many break-fix companies that focused on putting things back together when they went wrong.

We soon realised that our customers wanted more than this. They wanted to be able to know what their total cost of IT was going to be for the year. The spend was unpredictable, meaning they couldn’t budget effectively, people became anti-IT seeing it as an evil necessity and, at that time, technology was part of the business but seen in the same respect as the plumbing, or the electrical services to the office building.

So, we started to build a practice to manage technology in a way that actually helped our customers understand what was likely to arise, that analysed their risks and put in place steps to mitigate or eliminate those risks. At the same time, technology began to feature more as a vital part of every business as the information age evolved. Suddenly businesses were starting to realise that their investments in technology were becoming more closely linked to their aims, that, in fact, technology was how they were going to achieve their aims.

Technology costs started to become more rationalised, there was more choice, it was a more competitive environment to buy IT equipment. But this didn’t make it easier. In fact, the explosion in technology solutions for every business problem began to create a very complex landscape.

MSP’s started to thrive in the marketplace. Tools became available to “manage” your IT, effectively reacting to market trends and shoehorning barely ready applications and systems into less prepared companies and their people, not really appreciative of the way that new technology could directly impact organisational performance. But IT was still a cost and it was a race to the bottom line – how cheaply could you buy great IT?

Today, everybody knows that technology and IT systems are woven into every organisation and that a company cannot survive without effective systems in place. You understand that a strategic viewpoint must include the technology that is necessary to achieve your goals. That’s why we work with you to help make better decisions about technology, to help you produce positive outcomes for your business.

Sure, we do all of the fixing things and monitoring your systems that you would expect, but more importantly we want to help you get where you want to go as your partner and provider and as your Technology Success Partner. We are your TSP.

For our customers, thank you for your support, really!

For anyone else, let’s have a chat and see if we can help you get better results!

Mark Warr

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